Damn, I wish it was that easy



After a Thai man was arrested for setting fire to cars he confessed that he did it because the sound of police sirens made him cum his pants.
So in order to get off he got into the habit of setting fire to people's cars, buying a beer and then calling the police.

He would watch as the flashing lights and sirens from the police and fire trucks approached and cum his pants.

Damn, I wish it was that easy.

He told the police that he was really stressed from work and had a terrible headache. He said that setting fire to shit calms him down.
He also confessed to arson attacks on two trucks and another car on the same night, reports the Kom Chad Luek newspaper.

Police added that he had been in jail for two years on a similar charge and after his release got a job a volunteer fireman in Udonthani province.

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Doctors says he is pretty fucked up and needs help.
Now you see why they get paid the big bucks.
Source:  Kom Chad Luek
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