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Asian Drama in Sex Video Scandal
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of
Chu Mei-feng, a TV reporter-turned politician, became one of the best known women in the Chinese speaking world after a tabloid magazine gave away VCD's showing her having sex with a married man in her home FREE with every new subscription.

Damn, that is cold.

Let me just warn you, this story is wrong on so many fronts.
So how did the tabloid get their hands on the video?
Good question.
The tabloids got a hold of the video from her best-friend Kuo. Kuo was such a good friend that she along with the help of Chu's resentful ex-boyfriend, Tsai Jen-chien who just happens to be the former Mayor of Hsinchu, together setup a hidden camera in Chu's bedroom started making a video library of who and what she fucked.
When Kuo needed money to send her daughter to school abroad she sold the footage they had collected to a tabloid magazine, which mass-produced the sex videos and gave away them free to new subscribers.
Kuo, as well as Jen-chien were charged with violating the privacy law, undermining public morality, theft and forgery and Scoop magazine, the tabloid which gave the VCD's away for free with every subscription, that magazine's president Shen Yeh was charged with violating the privacy law. A law that clearly states that you can't make money off of someone's privacy.
Well that explains why he gave it away for free.
If they couldn't get video, audio would apparently have to do. Prosecutors even found eavesdropping devices and surveillance cameras even in Chu's car and office. I guess they wanted to have all their bases covered with this Chu Mei-feng chick. No sense in letting her waste an impromptu encounter with a strange dick in her car or office. Damn her if she thinks she is going to keep the product for herself.
The Government Information Office in Taiwan has seized thousands of copies of the magazine and accompanying VCDs. However the Chinese-language weekly "Scoops" quickly called the seizure ''preposterous'' and said the discs were not pornography but a move to ``restore the face of the truth.''
Yeah, nice try.
Despite the seizure, pirated VCDs have been widely circulated in Taiwan, China and the United States. Chu could not deny she was the woman in the VCDs and has apologized to the public. Chu's new book revealing her relationships with several men, including Tsai, will soon hit local bookshelves. In the book she says that she is still looking for the ideal lover despite a string of failed relationships with 14 men.
14 men? No wonder they had the office and the car bugged.
same difference

Taiwan men to pull Boeing B747 plane With Their Cocks
The cock is a horrible directional compass and it isn't worth shit finding water.

A Senior Citizen 'catapulted metal balls at noisy trains' In His Three Year War
And although there weren't any causalities in his little war, it wasn't for a lack of trying.

source: Yahoo
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"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator,

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