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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Ed O'Rourke Pure Idiot. Shocked Man Sues Bars That Served Him

I will be the first person to say that when someone is in the wrong they should compensate those for the damages that ensued as a direct result of their negligence. But at the exact same time, I also hate frivolous lawsuits more than anyone I know. I harbor true hate for people that live to beat the system. People that refuse to accept the responsibility over their own lives and the quality of that life based upon the decisions that they make.

Not only is Ed O’Rourke a bona fide certified idiot, he also fits the description above. Ed climbed up a transformer and was shocked with 13,000 volts of electricity. He says he was drunk on the night in question, (like that is supposed to explain something) and so is suing the people that sold him the alcohol.  Now what I want to know is who is he going to sue for the voice in his head that told him to climb up that transformer in the first place?

Before O'Rourke could be thoroughly electrocuted he was thrown more than 40 feet from the transformer and burned over 60 percent of his body, leaving him with permanent immobility in his right arm and severe scarring. However the electric jolt left no measurable increase in this cognitive intelligence because he is now legally seeking unspecified compensation for emotional and other damages.

Here is the killer. The lawsuit claimed that O'Rourke is ``unable to control his urge to drink alcoholic beverages.''

It’s because of people like Ed O’Rourke that Comet has to put a disclaimer on their product that says “don’t eat it.” Those disclaimers are not for little kids because for one, they can’t read, two, they don’t read warnings when they can read. Those warnings are for people like Ed. Not because Ed will read them either, but to protect Comet from people like Ed, not to protect Ed from himself. In case you didn’t know here is a little FYI.

Ed O’Rourke is the center of all of our worlds. We live, breathe, eat, shit and sleep around Ed O’Rourke. He is the center of everything we do. It is all of our responsibility to make sure that Mr. O’Rourke is never responsible for anything in his life. If he gets drunk it's our fault for selling him the beer. If he trips and falls it's our fault for making gravity too strong. If he bumps into the dresser with his foot in the middle of the night, it’s our fault for making the “night” too dark or the wood in the oak dresser too hard.

Ed O'Rourke claims that “we” didn’t do enough to prevent him from slipping into a fenced, gated and locked substation and scaling the electrical transformer. I am against laws that are designed to protect us from ourselves for one reason. Laws that protect us from ourselves are more forgiving to idiots like Ed O’Rourke than natural selection would have been. In other words, it just ain’t natural

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