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Kim Jong - Il Taking No Chances with triplets
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of
I haven't heard anything this wack since Herod tried to kill Jesus.
They say that in Korean culture the number three is sweet and so the people generally think that there is something special about triplets.
Well Kim Jong il apparently can't have that.
Apparently some fortuneteller has put it into Kim Jong-il's head that a triplet could one day remove him from power. So in a policy that "officially" is supposed to help poverty stricken parents in a country where everyone lives in poverty, Kim literally snatches triplets out of their mother's arms and raises them in state-run orphanages where their development can be monitored by the state.
Ya know, just in case they have an abnormal amount of midi-chlorians in their blood or something.
However, Kim reportedly even snatches triplets away from parents of high-ranking officials as well. So that whole "I'm just helping out the poor people that have too many mouths to feed" shit is crap.
This reminds me of that law that Dubs passed allowing non-US citizens to serve in the US military in exchange for favorable status if and when they ever tried to apply for US citizenship. I don't buy for one second that he is trying to help Burritos find the American dream. He is just trying to pad his military so when he kicked off "Woolsey's World War IV" he could stay in the black longer by sending back home fewer casualties that would count.
Not to mention an army of Mexicans might do a nice job passing as undercover Arabs in a pinch.
Just goes to show dictators are a crafty bunch. Whether they are elected or not.
The children the Korean government confiscate are kept in what they call "triplet rooms" where they typically rock and forth in complete silence, almost in a trance like state all day.
The foreign journalist that saw these "triplet rooms" first hand describe them as "bare but clean". The Korean government insists that the children receive good foreign-aid food, but in exchange for eating evidently they receive none of the love and affection that the other children get.
A pediatrician who studied evidence from the visit diagnosed the triplets as suffering from severe emotional trauma. I know the story of Moses basically flies in the face of what I am about to say, but if I were a evil dictator with a prophesy looming over my head of some three headed kid coming up and toppling my starving empire, I would fall back on the simple rule, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
Look at where fucking up little Jewish children got Herod?
I mean, I am sure that is what Kim Jong il thinks he is doing by rounding them up in a special triplet unit of the insane asylum. But if I were Kim, I would be afraid that I am basically just creating a situation, where none previously existed, where one of these kids will grow up one day to fuck me up. And it would all be my fault.
Instead I would opt to treat them better than normal kids. I would build a Michael Jackson-esque "neverland" for those bastards.
I am figuring for every one Moses there has to be 1000 Jesus'. For every one kid that you treat well that comes back to bite you in the ass there has to be 1000 kids that you tried to kill when they were young that came back to fuck you up once they became adults. I mean that is the number two cliche Kung Fu movie plot second only to "they killed my master I must get revenge".
Since this is North Korea we are talking about here, treating a child better than the other kids wouldn't be all that difficult.
I would give them an extra bowl of rice and a less stale piece of bread to eat for their meal of the day.
I mean let's look at this logically. The Korean people think that you are pretty sweet just because you are a triplet. So triplets have "street credit" right out of the box. How difficult would it be for one of these now insane triplets to break out of that bare but clean room they've been rocking back and forth mumbling to themselves in all of their lives and start their own cult of personality?
They say when one of the western journalists showed some affection to one of the kids they were promptly asked to leave.
I wouldn't be surprised if that kid was promptly destroyed
There is no telling what effect that might have had on that kid. Who knows that might have been the pat on the head that sparked off the whole prophesy.
In a statement to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, North Korea said: "Triplets are supplied by the state free of charge with clothing, bedding, a one-year supply of dairy products and a pre-school subsidy, and special medical workers take charge of such mothers and children and care for their health."
I can't even believe that they admit triplet rooms exist to the UN. You'd think this would be the best kept secret they had. How the hell can the UN find "triplet rooms" but they can't find mustard gas?

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Source: The Telegraph
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