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Serial Rapist Driven To Rape After Being Raped By Girls With A Strapon Cock
Bernard Wright, an illegal Jamaican immigrant living in England says he was driven to rape girls after he was humiliated and raped by a girlfriend, who together with another woman, took him anally with a strap-on penis. Monday he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
In an emotional confession to police Bernard told them that the rape left him "traumatized and embittered", and thirsting for retribution.
Apparently although not very bright, it was his pre-rape character which saved him from a life sentence.
His defense attorney apparently argued rather convincingly that Bernard was a pretty decent guy before he got his shit packed in by two girls.
After the assault "He became mentally fragile, filled with hatred and turned to drugs." his defense attorney told a judge.
Once again not an excuse for his actions --- but I can understand where he was coming from.
I can totally understand the mentally fragile part, the hatred part and even the turning to drugs for comfort part. I understand how people could see you as being a little bitch for letting your girlfriend and her friend sodomize you with a strap-on prosthetic penis but what makes Bernard even more pathetic is not going after them.
She is the one that raped you. What does these other girls have to do with it? Or was he afraid to confronting the two girls that raped him for fear that they might over power him and rape him again?
They said that he used the same method to rape all of his victims. The "old jump out of the shadows in a poorly lit alley" trick.
Well why not pull the same "jump out of the bushes with a knife" ambush that he used on all of his other victims on them? If it worked on all of the other victims why wouldn't it work on the two girls that raped him in the first place?
Besides, even if they wrestled him down to the ground, unless they walk around with a strap-on prosthetic penis in their pockets, what are they going to do to you even if they do manage to pin you to the ground?
Plus, if you can't take them both on, like obviously he couldn't, try to catch them by themselves.
Now I am not advocating him raping anyone, I am just saying that if he could excuse in his little head going around and raping other women why didn't he consider going after the ass pirates that got him in the first place?
"It seems as a result of an unpleasant sexual experience to which you were subjected by your girlfriend, you were filled with hatred for women," the judge told him.
During sentencing, the judge mentioned that the probation officers he had spoken to believed Bernard would probably remain a "serious and dangerous" risk to women for many years to come. So he recommend that England deport him to Jamaica after he serves his 15 year sentence.
The irony of it all is that because of his retributive rape campaign they are going to send him to a place where he is most likely going to get raped again.
They say what goes around comes around and this will be especially true after the boys find out that being raped by two girls with a prosthetic penis is what drove you to rape in the first place.
Prince would have a better chance of getting out of prison unsoiled than little Bernard.

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Source: This is London.
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