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nasa confirms indian man lives on nothing but sunlight and water
There has been a war being waged between God and the people of India for nearly millennia.
Basically, this is how it works in a nutshell. Any Indian that doesn't have enough to keep himself preoccupied will eventually figure out how to "break reality". Then God, Allah, the Matrix, whatever you want to call it, takes it personally and mails India typhoon or an earthquake in
a self addressed stamped envelop.
I am sure if you ask an Indian he sees himself as sorta like a QA manager.
His job is to see if he can break it. He is to God what Ralph Nader is to big business.
If you ask God he just sees him as a pain in the ass.
There are basically two types of people in the world.
Some say that the two groups are divided in to the "winners" or the "losers". Some say the groups are the "haves" and the "have nots".
Well I have discovered another way of grouping human beings into two neatly defined over simplified clichés that might explain the Indian phenomenon.
There are two groups of people in the world, those that live within the parameters of the matrix and those that are scheduled to be deleted with the next anti-virus signature update.
Enter: India.
If you want to know what group you fall into, one needn't look any further than how one approaches the rules of a game.
For some, after they are explained the rules of a game they immediately go about formulating a strategy within the parameters of the rules as they understand them.
Then there are those that when they are listening to the rules, half of their mind is being used to process what they are hearing, while the other half of their mind is working on figuring out a way to get around the rules by exploiting loopholes, playing stupid, figuring out where they can slide by on technicalities.
The first group only needs 10 commandments but it is because of the second group that you need a judicial system.
Since the beginning Indians have been meditating and leaving their bodies, levitating, sleeping on knives and nails, sticking needles through their eyelids, hypnotizing snakes and making ropes levitate by just playing their flutes, and making objects move using only their mind.
The famous Greek philosopher "Anonymous" once said "reality" is the only word in the English language that should always be used in quotes.
Here is why.
Hira Ratan Manek, aka Hirachand, has not eaten solid food in eight years. That is because he lives on sunlight. One day he just got sick of food and just quit eating it. He has been living on sunshine ever since.
Don't believe me? Well neither did NASA so they called him in to studying him, fully expecting to watch him starve to death.
He lived with them under observation for 130 days and they confirmed that all he did was drink water and "eat" sunlight.
What we have now is a new phenomenon. They even named the shit after him.
They call it the HRM phenomenon or the Hira Rattan Manek phenomenon.
His wife Vimla Hirachand explained his technique to ABC news.
"Every evening he looks at the sun for one-hour without batting an eyelid. It is his main food. Occasionally, he takes coffee, tea, buttermilk or some other liquid."
You see, maybe you and I can live on nothing but sunlight too. Maybe there isn't anything spooky about all of this. Maybe it's all scientific. Maybe there is a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation for all of this.
The problem is that in a world of 6 billion people, no one on this fucking planet but Hirachand knew this little fact because like good little batteries, we follow the rules.
"Technically" no one ever said that we could just absorb our food from the sun like a plant.
Maybe that is because we never asked. Maybe we didn't ask because it goes against nature. Maybe Hirachand is just a pain in the ass that is always looking for a technicality or a loop hole to jump through.
Maybe that is why God is always pissed off. NASA is sweating him now trying to get him to tell them how he does it.
Its simple he just stares directly into the sun for an hour and drinks buttermilk to wash it down.
What's so hard to understand about that?
Source: abcnews
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