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Ghettotucky is the metaphorical term for where you can find the new trailer trash of America. Although this will go completely against your first impressions of them they aren't wiggers. Even though they are demographically indistinguishable from any ghetto African-American community anywhere in America, there is no evidence of Leroy Washington having any direct influence on Billy Bob.

With that said, let's just skip the particulars and say it's safe to assume that their education is poor, and they make most of their money working dead end no future retail jobs, janitorial service jobs or by selling weed.

By the time they are 25 they ALL have kids somewhere whether they know it or not.
They wear blue or red bandanas on their heads; they can't drink 40 ounces of beer and keep their shirts on at the same time.

They stand on the front porch with a radio blasting during all times of night.

Most of them enjoy an ongoing war with the people living directly across the street from them, in a rival trailer park, or at a high school.

Instead of 20 inch rims on a Cadillac they have 20 inch rims on a pick up truck. They know that they can't intimidate anyone driving around bumpin' Garth Brooks out of their pickup truck, so they blast heavy guitar driven rock music with lead singers that rap.

Most of their mothers barely turned 30 by the time they were 14.

Although they are well into their twenties they often times have a little brother or sister that is barely 5-years-old.

They are often the same age as some of their aunts and uncles. Some of them even have Aunts and Uncles that they baby sat while they were growing up.

They are pissed off. Their dysfunctional family life is not something that was created to sell rap records.

You can go get an eye full for yourself at any Ghettotucky near you.


Something that is unnaturally large.

"my cat Khan is gigundus..."

Giant Sea Monsters

Anything in the ocean big enough to make you question the existence of God.

"My understanding of science is so limited, the only reason I can give as to why 30 story monsters don't crawl out of the Pacific and kick Tokyo to pieces is because if they could, they would've done it by now."

Good Luck

Someone else's fortune that was unintentionally deposited into your account by way of a clerical mess up at the department of karma.

Gun nut
If you complain about black helicopters, chem. Trails and have a silo of fertilizer on your property stored away for the day the common man takes back the government from the illuminati you're probably a gun nut but you didn't hear that from me.

Whoever gets to make, break or change the rules of the game as they see fit just because.
same difference


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