Karma was appointed by God himself to be the interim Director of Cosmic Balance. Karma was immediately recognized as a progressive, honest, and efficient manager. It wasn't long after he created and implemented the "matter can neither be created nor destroyed" and the famous "what goes around, comes around" laws in the cosmos that the "interim" was dropped altogether.

Since being appointed the director of Cosmic Balance Karma has successfully expanded the department into several branches including but not limited to Karmic Debt Management services. With the creation of this department man was able to withdraw on the principle of his Karma to do things like make the mailman lose his report card and make home pregnancy tests come up negative. Not known for his subtlety, Karma's most memorable work in recent history was giving Adolph Hitler only one testicle, exposing the wide spread pedophilia in the Catholic church and giving birth to Larry Flynt.

Khmer Rogue
The Khmer Rogue were to Communism what the Taliban were to Islam. The Khmer Rogue liked Communism so much they sought out to abolish the private ownership of everything in Cambodia to pave the way towards establishing an agrarian utopian society. They killed 1.7 million or one out of 5 people in Cambodia in just 48 months to get entire villages to start sharing the same toothbrush. Execution, starvation, or death from overwork were their most convincing arguments.

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