Lou Rawls

It began in the fall of 1988 when a rumor started around my high school that on a United Negro College Fund telethon the night before, the legendary performer Low Rawls was on stage performing "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" when "allegedly" he farted

How do we know he farted?
We don't. At least I don't. I wasn't watching the show myself, but that isn't the point. From there on out whenever you did something that was embarrassing or that you should be embarrassed of doing we crossed our fingers and "gave you Lou Rawls".

Once again, "allegedly" it was picked up by the various microphones around the stage. The crowd heard it, the television audience heard it and next thing you know a quiet giggle became an infectious laugh and the rest is history. 

Regardless if the story is true "Lou Rawls" came to illustrate embarrassment that you can never shake off.

Land whale
One that suffers from a particular thyroid condition that requires him/her to eat portions of foods appropriate for a maturing elephant, while at the same time prevents it from exercising or taking any responsibility for how food gets from the plate and into its mouth.

same difference
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