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Mad Science
An approach to science that have some scientists dedicated to doing all of the things that we saw scientist attempt in schlock science fiction movies. They have no interest in curing cancer. Telepathic communication helmets, disintegration rays, mutant monsters, remote control zombies, giant robot monkeys, faster than light travel however are all their personal hard-ons.
They don't want to cure the common cold, they want to swap brains between a horse and a monkey just to see what happens.
When you ask them "Why?" they answer "Why not?"


A homosexual man that just hasn't been officially outed yet, in the meantime he masquerades around as a straight man that enjoys getting manicures and pedicures, shopping for clothes and crying at chick flicks.


Hatred of mankind. The byproduct of understanding the nature of the monkeys God made in his image.

A menacing giant robot monkey that attacked people at random and even drove people to jump off their terraces to certain death in the suburbs of New Delhi. It's reign of terror ended rather abruptly however when six months later in the rough ghettos of Khanpur Darwaja Chhapra it attacked someone there and ended up becoming a hood ornament.
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