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The Recording Industry Association of America . The legal arms of an industry as synonymous with exploitative underhanded business dealings as Nazi are for Nerve Gas. After years of getting fat off of royalty stealing, price fixing and unethically exploitative contracts with their own artist the RIAA responded to consecutive years of slumping music sales by trying to bully the music buying public into buying their unconscionably overpriced products by suing you for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages they claimed to incur every time you shared a music file. And they did this indiscriminately, whether it was a current number one hit or an obscure out of print novelty record that they weren't making a dime off anyway.
And they did this all in the name of fairness to the artists that they weren't seeing a dime from royalties anyway.

Rodent Nazi
A person who conducts Josef Mengele type experiments on rodents all in the name of making a creamier, whiter, glossier hair conditioner. This also includes, but not limited to, middle school science teachers that suffocate rabbits in clear plastic bags in front of a classroom of teary-eyed special ed students.

same difference

RIAA, Mp3's, Artistic Integrity And Jesus Freaks
I don't want to buy your television if you get to determine where I have to watch it. Likewise you can keep your MP3 file if you get to control where I get to listen to it.

Rodent Nazi Reassigned After Allegedly Suffocating rabbit In Front of Special Ed Class
Normally I wouldn't say something like this would have done irreparable harm to the kids but no one knows what kind of effect this will have on a class room of middle school students with an average IQ of 65?

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