Super Christian

He/she has been a religious fundamentalist their entire lives. They were raised in it. They eat, sleep and shit Jesus. It's normal for them to go to church at least 4 times a week. Even the most basic of things in popular culture you will find them clueless in. for example they have no idea who Jason or Freddy Cruger is. They never were allowed to listen to secular music as children. They only associated with children of like minded parents which shielded them from being able to really grasp just how holistically Lou they are.

They don't fuck anyone, anywhere at anytime before you have a ring on their finger. Even when they are married they don't suck dick or take it in the ass which totally defeats the purpose. They don't masturbate. They won't fuck a girl for the sake of fucking her because that would be disrespectful. They think porn is nasty. They are always asking themselves "what would Jesus do" when they have a problem. They also have this awful habit of referring to "normal" people as "worldly".

Super Bigots
These are adults that were raised from the time that they were children in isolated, highly controlled environment within "racialist" brainwashing facilities they are set loose out in the world, with the intention of being even more annoying than the regular variety.
same difference

whoa. the washington dc snipers had a plan to make the world a better place?
they wanted to open up a compound for 70 boys and 70 girls to create an army of super-bigots.

church goers suffocate autistic kid mistaken as possessed
There better be a lot more involved to demonic possession than just a difficulty focusing attention and a stuttering problem.

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