Titty Nazi
Any member of  a legislative or administrative body that wants to stop women with big tits from flashing perverts.



A Jesus freak who normally abstained from participating in politics but was galvanized by Karl Rove to come out and support Dubya and now demands that Christianity should play a major role in forming and implementing public policy like that was how our founding father's would have wanted it.


Any rat bastard in a newsgroup or message board that thinks he is the shit because no one can out right prove that he is a lying bastard.   Claim to be authorities on things simply because they don't have lives. Possibly they are too difficult to define here, just go to any newsgroup and see for yourself.
Troll used in a sentence...no better yet actual Troll speaking from the Danni Ashe Newsgroup :
I don't give a shit about "published stats". I am an expert in these matters. I have spent countless hours studying her fleshy orbs. When I say her cup size is an "F", God has spoken and you can chisel it onto the stone tablets.

same difference

School Cracking Down on Busty Rich Girls Baring Their Breast.
Damn Titty Nazi.

Newsgroup Trolls
The Dark Side of Newsgroups

Newsgroup Trolls. The Original Menace
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