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If you take away the busty women and the decor of a 50’s trashy men’s magazine and just get down to the bare bones of the site, 8bm.com is about a very particular world view.
No doubt if you are a fan of this site you know what I am talking about. You might not be able to articulate exactly what it is that draws you to this site but you know it is something. Some people think it is the curse words, or the busty women, or the weird news or even the social commentary. Some of you have written me e-mails in which you offer your complete support and praise of what I am doing here. You praise the site for its honesty, insightfulness, and how “I tell it like it is”, and although I am sincerely flattered, I can’t help but say to myself…”most of them they still don’t get it”. 
Well, I am here to tell you what 8BM.com really is.
8BM.com is a magazine that is based upon a philosophy that says human beings are capable of anything and everything imaginable.
That is where we come from.
I am not saying that every human being is capable of “anything and everything”, but human beings as a whole are capable of some pretty disconcerting shit. To further translate for you people that can’t look past my horrible grammar, what I am saying is that “somewhere on this earth, at any given moment, a human being is doing something that most people don’t believe human beings are capable of doing”. Sure, in general, people think that people are capable of doing some pretty appalling shit but it is purely in the theoretical sense that this is accepted.
They don’t think that people are actually doing it…as in actually fucking the family dog or having consensual sex with their parents. And they sure as hell don’t think that if they are fucking the family dog, they are going to go on a radio program and defend themselves for doing it.
Then it happens.
It’s just an apparition right?
And when they are confronted with the awful reality that what they thought was unthinkable actually occurred, they immediately qualify it by saying “incest (for example) only happens when some old perverted white trash uncle rapes his niece”. That way, they can accept the idea of incest, by allowing it to exist only under very specific conditions.
1) For incest to occur it must be under a condition of rape
2) It must be poor white trash.
Anything and everything is happening and in the places where you least expect them. Somewhere someone is crushing his father’s sleeping pills into a fine powder and pouring it over on his little sisters ice cream so she will pass out so he can ejaculate on her face while she is sleeping. He justifies his actions by saying that what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
There is some mother and son having consensual sex fathering and raising the children.
Somewhere someone is eating something for dinner that you never even thought of as food.
Somewhere in America some guy is getting wasted on beer and is going to electrocute himself, miraculously live, and then sue the bars for selling him the beers.
This site is at war with the mentality that dismisses anything that they find difficult to believe. This site is at war with people that don’t like things which remind them that their paradigm is a destructible object.
In general I love people warts and all. In all actuality I probably love people for their faults.
The perfect people can kiss my ass .
What makes you a better human being is accepting yourself, faults and all and then trying to be someone that you can be proud of in all aspects of your life.
If you are doing something that you are ashamed of then you are not being honest with who you are.
What is the number one reason that people don't like who they are?  Because they want to be like everyone else  or what they think everyone else is like.
There is a whole planet of pathetic people trying to be someone that never actually existed.
One of my favorite human faults is that people have a difficult time appreciating what they have when they have it.
Most people only enjoy things in retrospect.
They only realize how wonderful a friend their parents were to them once they can’t call them up anymore to say “How the hell are you dad?” Until he dies they are stuck on the fact that he didn’t cosign a new moped for him when he was 15.
That is why at 99% of all funerals if you listen to the service you would think they were burying a Saint.
Everything is better in the world of nostalgia. In nostalgia, you abuse the fuck out of your selective memory (that is what it is for isn’t it) and once again you have control over your paradigm.
The second human fault I love is that people want to know how everything works. They don’t want surprises. They don’t like to think. They want the world to fit in this nice little package that they can wrap up real pretty and give it to their children.
”What is thunder daddy?”
”God is pissed off and breaking shit.”
”Why is he pissed off.”
”Because we didn’t sacrifice enough virgins into the volcano.”
They want the police to be there friends, they want their politicians to keep their promises, and they want God to save them a spot in heaven far enough away from the blacks so that their property value doesn’t go down but close enough to say that they know them personally and many of them are their friends. They vote straight down the line Republican or Democrat, and they will say the sky is red if everyone else says that it is red. 
There are people out there that think everything that comes out of their government’s mouth is a lie.
It isn't because they are smart like they think saying something like that makes them look. It is because if they believe that then they don’t have to think about what they are being told.
Get it?
Now they can just dismiss everything they hear anyone in the government say and go on believing that aliens are snatching us up one by one starting with the inbreeds and taking over the planet.
It is about protecting the paradigm.
That is why I hate organized religion
Funny thing is I am not even an agnostic
I hate organized religion because it promotes this mentality that you don’t have to think about anything.
Someone went through the trouble of telling you what to think 2,000 years ago.
Wasn't that nice of them?
They told you what to think about distortion guitar before they had even electrictity. Or that you shouldn't watch television or be on the Internet or read pornography when they couldn't make shoes that fit right.
Anything that you find that contradicts what is in that book is a lie and even if what you find in those books appears not to be true, it is your inability to comprehend what you are reading not a problem with the source. Who really believes that Noah put two of every fucking species of everything in a fucking wooden Ark?
People feel comfortable with that. It is their preferred way of living. Just tell me how the story ends so I don’t have to read the cliff notes.
Well if you want to be told what to think, I figure I can do it as well as anybody.
Think for yourself
8BM.com is not shock for the sake of shock. It is a war against people that live day by day with blinders over their eyes and hands cupped over their ears so that they can live day to day not allowing anyone or anything to shake up their paradigm.
8bm exists to shake up that paradigm.
This is the hill that I want to die on. For the life of me I don't know why. I will be the first to admit I can’t win. If you don’t want your worldview hollowed out by the things we say then you will just not come back. We only want to show you another way of thinking about something.
I can’t force you or anyone to read this shit. Chances are if you keep coming back it is because you like a healthy does of cynicism in your life. You understand that a human being is nothing but a complex collection of neuroses and truth is anything that collaborates whatever is already in your head.
If you agree with that statement then welcome to 8BM.com. This web site and all the time that is put into it is all for you.
However, this particular article was not for you.
This was for the people that don’t usually read this site, come here once, tell me I am an asshole and that they will never come back because I disagree with making triple-wide theater seats to accommodate the morbidly obese in movie theaters.
Right now this is my life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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