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I Just Can't Get Pass the Bad Grammar and Vulgarity

"My own view is that the more brutally honest you are trying to be, the more you need to state your brutally honest points with flawless language. That being the case, I am compelled to elucidate the following. Put quite simply, the language skills exhibited in your publication suck."

"If you want to defend unpopular ideas like honesty, I recommend you not provide easy targets like questionable literacy."

"Yes. The untrained mind and unskilled speaker always says "I meant to do that." Thus is the fate of all radical thought relegated to obscurity by the illiteratti. It would be foolish to think it otherwise in your case. Congratulations, you are truly insignificant, by your own design."

The point of the written word is to communicate ideas from one person to another. Since people come from various different backgrounds it is obvious that no one style of communication, even within the same language will be receptive to everyone.
8bm articles are written to connect with the reader in the same vernacular that we would use if we were in the same room with you having a conversation.
Personally, I don't see the point in writing one way and speaking another way.
Now does that mean that all grammatical rules are bunk?
No, not at all.
The way I see it, when your grammar is so fucked up that people don't even understand what you are saying even when they read it aloud, then it has gone too far. My solution; you better go back and add some commas.
I think it is interesting that people don't mind "grammatically incorrect" writing if it is to be sung in a song lyric or read in lines spoken by an actor in a play, but it bothers them so much to read it in an article.
Although I understand that this style of writing isn't appropriate for all audiences, it is entirely appropriate for this audience.
And before you start, let me say this. This isn't a crusade that I am on. I am not trying to change the world. I am just commenting on news.
If certain words I use bother you that much there are other places you can go to read about impending alien invasions and what not. Go somewhere else.
It just doesn't make any sense to e-mail me about it because over time I have realized that it doesn't even make for an interesting conversation to even discuss it with you. If I really cared what you thought I would've changed the vernacular based conversationalist style of writing on this site to make it more palatable for your tastes back in 1998 when I started this site.
I don't get hung up on the usage of particular words. A word to me is just another color that I can use on my palette to express myself. I also don't subscribe to the argument that there is a connection between morals, intellect or anything else with the words that you use or don't use.
The first reason being is because that argument is illogical. It's illogical because there is no relationship there. The second and probably the most important reason I don't subscribe to the argument that language denotes level of intelligence like a yellow street light denotes caution is because I have no interest in trying to deceive myself into believing all it takes to be smart is to not say the word "
However, I think it is fairly obvious why someone would have an interest in wanting to believe there is a correlation between intelligence and using certain words. It is a lot easier to be smart if all you have to do is not say "
fuck" than it would be to actually pick up a book or engage in the dialectic with someone other than their fellow Jesus freaks in a compound somewhere surrounded by walls of canned foods and bottled water waiting on the return of Christ.
Words come and go within the canon of what is acceptable word usage all the time.
Just look at the word "
ain't". The word "ain't" appeared in 1778 during the same era that saw "won't" and "don't" appear. However "don't" and "won't" eventually became accepted at all levels of speech and writing without much fanfare. Now poor old "ain't" wasn't so lucky. Although "ain't" was originally used by the upper classes, who evidently are the ones who decide for everyone what is appropriate speech and what isn't, it was later abandoned and labeled a vulgarism because it appeared to have no set sequence of words that it was obviously contracted from and secondly because it was heavily used among the poor or lower classes. Which must mean it is bad, right?
Now I don't know about you but doesn't the realization of why certain words are considered vulgar and others not really just make the whole grammarian purist movement just seem silly?
It is fucking word people. Grow up.
If you told me that it was my turn to pick up the check and I told you "
I ain't got no money" and you went ahead and ordered food anyway, we would both be in the kitchen doing dishes.
Now this should be in no way taken as an excuse for misspelled words, words used in the wrong context or using the wrong word in any instance. This is only a forewarning that the style of writing here at is intentional.
If you can't deal with that, then just isn't for you.
No biggie.
Go live.

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